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Main group 12 Electrical equipment and lighting


Category Description
Battery Black 6 Volt
Ignition distributor parts BOSCH or DELCO cap, rotor, condenser and contact point
Back up lamp and gasket
License plate lamp, lens and gasket
Parking light lens and gasket
Signal horn, ring signal horn operating and emblem
Spark, protection cap, spark cable set and ignition and coil
Taillight, glass and gasket
Headlamp, glas, glass frame, reflector, gasket and rim
Turning flash light, lens and gasket
Switch Light, turn flashing, parking, back up, warning flasher, door contact, wind shiel wiper, fog, distance, brake and heater.
Speedometer cable
Windshield wiper arm, blade, wiper drive and parts
Lighting bulbs ball and tubular 6 or12 Volt
Grommet universal, for function cable, for heater hose and protection cap starter