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Main group 8 Fuel exhaust


Category Description
Rubber grommet filler neck, bumper filler neck compartment lid door and rubber tank support
Fuel pipe and rubber grommet tank fuel pipe
Air cleaner and cartridges
Cap fuel tank filler neck and hinge fuel tank filler neck door
Fuelpump, diaphragm, isolator flange, gaskets and overhaul kit
Carburator gasket, sets and gasket ring injection valve
Accelerator pedal, pad pedal and mounting parts
Accelerator control bearing, bracket accelerator pedal support and grommet accelerator control
Manifold and gaskets
Exhaust systems
Fuel tank gauge and gasket
Pipe exhaust and muffler exhaust
Mounting parts exhaust system: Gasket, brackets, rubber ring and pipe clamp
Exhaust deflector