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Main group 6 Engine


Category Description
Cylinder head, valve rocker arm cover parts and oil filler cap
Crankshaft, needle bearing, shelf bearing and oil seal
Connection rod and bearing shell
Operating cable clutch, boot, cylinder clutch, hose, repair set and bushing
Valve inlet and exhaust
Piston and piston rings in STD or oversize
Camshaft and bearings Camshaft bearings for all motors on request.
Timing gear parts, oil seal and gasket for sprocket housing
Valve lifter, valve push rod cover gasket, mounting washer and gasket ventilator tube
Oil pump, oil pan gasket, oil level indicator gasket, oil filter element and gasket
Clutch, disc, pressure plate, bearing, gasket and boot release fork Clutch, pressure plate and disc only in exchange!
Mounting engine and gear box
Engine gaskets full set incl. or without carburator gasket set