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Shipping cost EC countries and world-wide 2019

Premium parcel 1 KG up to 31,5 KG maximum dimension 120 cm x 60cm x 60 cm incl. insurance up to € 500,00.

Shipment inclusive our minimum packing charges.  

EC central countries

Belgium, Denmark, France Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic € 16,00 up to € 47,00 incl. VAT

GB, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary € 17,00 up to € 52,00 incl. VAT

EC countries outside

Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latavia, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia, Malta, Portugal, Romania € 17,00 up to € 55,00 incl. VAT

Export countries Europe

Switzerland and Lichtenstein € 17,00 up to € 63,00 less VAT.

Norway € 18,00 up to € 64,00 less VAT.

Other countries on request.

Export world-wide

Shipment price less VAT is depended from weight and destination zone.

Service extra sure

EC countries up to € 2500 EC € 12,10 incl. VAT

Export € 10,00 less VAT. 

Service bulky goods 

Premium parcel length up to 150 cm or 200 cm and belt size 300 cm( Length + 2x wide + 2x height)

EC countries service bulky surcharge € 30,25 incl. VAT.

Export service bulky surcharge € 25,00 less VAT. Attention bulky service Export is not possible to every country!

Bulky parts longer than 2,00 m shipment only by DHL Freight. Freight cost depended from packaging, weight, volume, insurance, country and ZIP code. 

Small value order shipment 

At request of the buyer a small value order(goods up to € 50,00) can be send by small parcel or covered letter at the risk of the buyer without any guarantee and insurance. Small shipment inclusive our minimum packing charges.  

Small parcel 60 cm x 30 cm x 30cm, insurance up to € 50,00 and track&trace

EC countries up to 2 KG € 16,00

Letter length + wide + height = 90 cm, max side length 60 cm

EC countries up to 500 GR € 6,80 up to 1 KG € 11,00

Export up to 500 GR € 5,60 up to 1 KG € 9,10


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