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Opel Classic-Parts 

Largest online shop worldwide with many exclusive Opel oldtimer parts.

Dear Opel classis car owner, welcome on our site, where you find our button shop with about 1600 new Opel and reproduced parts, this is not all, we have also a big stock of original Opel parts which are not present in our shop. 

Opel-Classic-Parts was founded in 1987 and started with worldwide postorder of new and original parts from 1945-1979. Since 1990 we also deliver reproduced parts of not more available original parts. Today our program contains new original Opel parts and reproduced parts from 1950-1979. Our task is to sell these new reproduced parts, exclusive with our own demands and quality claims, for a payable price. 

We supply: 

  • Exclusive repair panels for  body work  
  • Ornated profiles, plastic parts, fasteners in plastic or metal and rubber parts
  • Front, rear and quarter window rubbers, door, hood and luggage rubbers as profile or formed
  • Front wheel suspension rubbers, rubber-metal parts, tie rod ends, guide and carrier joints, wheel bearings, oil seals and shock absobers
  • Rear wheel suspension rubber, rubber-metal parts, gaskets, oil seals, wheel and drive pinion bearings and shock absorbers 
  • Master brake and wheel brake cylinders, calipers, drums, hoses, linings, cables, pipes and repair sets
  • Engine gasket sets, gaskets, mounting damperblocks, bearings crankshaft and connecting rod, pistons and rings, engine timing gear set (NOVOTEX) 1938-66, master and slave cylinders, repair sets, cables and clutch 
  • Transmission gasket sets, oil seals, mounting damper blocks, shifting bushings and boots gear shift lever
  •  Exhaust systems1950-77, pipes, mufflers, mounting parts, fuel pump and carburator gasket sets
  •  Steering gear house oil seals, gaskets, rubbers and bushings steering intermediate 
  • Wheel hubs and blind nuts 
  • Lens for front direction signal and stop tail direction signal light, gaskets, ignition parts and all kind of 6 Volt lamps 
  • Speedometer, motorhood and heater control cables
  • Water pumps, radiator, radiator and heater hoses
  • Signs, mouldings, rear view mirrors and bumpers   


Return/exchange of parts only with original invoice within 14 days - Exchange of electrical parts not possible.

Minimum order amount € 25,00 from € 15,00 up to € 24,00 we calculate a minimum addition from € 10,00 down to € 1,00.

Our shipping is voluntary service we offer and is done at the full risk of buyer!


Opel Classic-Parts 

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